Hall of Fame

The SACA Hall of Fame and Museum was officially opened on February 6, 1978 at its current location at the Calgary Curling Club (720 - 3 St. NW).

The objective of the Hall of Fame & Museum is to honour those persons who have achieved extraordinary distinction in the sport by their participation at the highest levels of competition; and those persons who, by their efforts have made significant contributions to the promotion, development and advancement of the sport of curling.


Any individual or curling club may submit the names of persons they believe should be considered for induction into the Hall of Fame. Nomination forms are available from SACA.

Persons may be nominated in three categories (Builder, Curler/Builder or Curler).  Criteria for selection is based on outstanding accomplishment, including the level of accomplishment and the length of time involved in the sport.  Nominations are considered for up to three years.

If you know of anyone who you consider should be honoured as a member to the Hall of Fame, please take the time to send in their nomination so that we can honour the outstanding Builders and Curlers in Southern Alberta.

SACA HALL OF FAME - reviewed annually January 31

Nominations can be made in writing to the Southern Alberta Curling Association in the following categories: Builder; Builder/Curler; Curler

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Inductees in the Hall of Fame


1977     J. Cappy Smart; J. R. Miquelon; Colonel James Walker 
1978     Ed Gooder; Irl England; Tom LeBeau 
1979     Graeme Smith 
1980     Gordon Fox 
1981     Ray Kingsmith; William Rae; Ted Brookes 
1982     Mel Huget 
1993     Hobe DeBoeck 
1994     Mary Anne Nicholson 
1996     Ron Shier; Dale Rosa; Betty Lander 
1997     George Bishop
1999     Art Dodd; Jim Runnett 
2003     Erik Bundgaard 
2004     Russ Peake 
2005     Larry Wood 
2006     Simonne Flynn 
2007     Bill Hans; Jim Murray
2010    Gary Pepper
2010    Bob McLay
2011    Desmond Grant


1978     A.E. Irving; Art Simpson 
1980     Aubrey Gore 
1981     Ray Wellman 
1983     Scott Ellis; Tim Miller 
1998     Larry Frandsen; Marv Woelfe 
2001     Cliff Forry 
2003     Jerry Rasmuson
2009     Myna McQuarrie
2014     Bridget Wilson


1977     Ron Northcott; Fred Storey 
1978     Howard Palmer; Bernie Sparkes 
1982     Jim Shields; Paul Gowsell; Kelly Stearne 
1987     Ed Lukowich; Neil Houston; John Ferguson; Brent Syme 
2004     Bill Clark
2018     Susan Seitz
2018     Marilyn Toews


2007   Shannon Kleibrink, Amy Nixon, Glenys Bakker, Christine Keshen, Sandra Jenkins, Coach Daryl Nixon 
2009   Charley Thomas, Brock Virtue, Matt Ng, Kyle Reynolds, Geoff Walker, Coach J.D. Lind
2010   Diane Foster, Shirley McPherson, Chris Wilson, Shirley Kohuch
2011   Cheryl Bernard, Susan O'Connor, Carolyn Darbyshire, Cori Morris (Bartel), Kristie Moore, Coach Dennis Balderston
2014   Rob Armitage, Keith Glover, Randy Ponich, Wilf Edgar, Lyle Treiber

Southern Alberta Champions

1.   SACA Provincial Men's Champions
2.   SACA Provincial Senior Men's Champions
3.   SACA Provincial Master Men's Champions
4.   SACA Provincial Men's Club Champions
5.   SACA Provincial Junior Men's Champions
6.   SACA Provincial U18/Juvenile Men's Champions
7.   SACA Provincial Intermediate Men's Champions
8.   SACA Provincial Women's Champions
9.   SACA Provincial Senior Women's Champions
10. SACA Provincial Master Women's Champions
11. SACA Provincial Women's Club Champions
12. SACA Provincial Junior Women's Champions
13. SACA Provincial U18/Juvenile Women's Champions
14. SACA Provincial Mixed Champions
15. SACA Provincial Mixed Doubles Champions
16. SACA Provincial Wheelchair Champions

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