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National Coaching Certification Program - Theory

The design of the new NCCP reflects the different types of coaches in the Canadian sport system and the specific environments they work in. The abilities deemed important to coach in a given context determine the scope of training required.

What is NCCP?

The NCCP is Canada 's recognized National Coaching Certification Program.  It was developed in 1974 to provide quality training and certification to Canada 's coaches in more than 60 sports.  The NCCP is moving towards a competency-based approach where coaches are:

  • Trained in NCCP outcomes relevant to the participants that they are coaching
  • Evaluated by demonstrating coaching outcomes to a specified standard

Who am I coaching?

The new structure of the NCCP is based on the participant's needs. There are three Levels of Theory for curling:

Coaching Development

A coach is one of the most influential people in a young person's life. Coaches don't just teach how to hit a ball or block a spike, but how to win and lose graciously. The athletic skills young people learn from coaches may only apply for a few years, but the attitudes they develop toward themselves and others will last a lifetime. As a role model, the coach is a teacher, leader, organizer and counselor. The new NCCP is as follows:

Introduction to Competition - Part A (replacing Level 1 Theory) modules includes:
  • Introduction
  • Make Ethical Decisions
  • Planning a Practice
  • Nutrition
Introduction to Competition - Part B (replacing Level 2 Theory) modules includes:
  • Design a Basic Sport Program
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Basic Mental Skills
Level 3 Theory 
  • Completes the training required for coaches working with developing athletes.
  • Key concepts are integrated into the psychological and physical training programs as they relate to yearly planning.

For information on the level 4/5 tasks, contact the Program Assistant at the National Coaching Institute in Calgary at (403) 220-8197 or email
Please note: Level 3 Certification is a prerequisite for all Level 4/5 Tasks. Coaches wishing to receive credit for participating must receive prior approval from their National Sport Organization. 

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