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Part II: Grasping for Authenticity

So far I have described what faux-vintage photography is and noted that it is a new trend, comes primarily from smartphones and has proliferated on social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr and others. However, the important can i buy instagram followers question remains: why this massive popularity of faux-vintage photographs?What I want to argue is that the rise of the faux-vintage photo is an attempt to create a sort of “nostalgia for the present,” an attempt to make our photos seem more important, substantial and real. We want to endow the powerful feelings associated with nostalgia to our lives in the present. And, ultimately, all of this goes well beyond the faux-vintage photo; the momentary popularity of the Hipstamatic-style photo serves to highlight the larger trend of our viewing the present as increasingly a potentially documented past. In fact, the phrase “nostalgia for the present” is borrowed from the great philosopher of postmodernism, Fredric Jameson, who states that “we draw back from our immersion in the here and now […] and grasp it as a kind of thing.”*The term “nostalgia” was coined more than 300 years ago to describe the medical condition of severe, sometimes lethal, homesickness. By the 19th century the word morphs from a physical to a psychological descriptor, not just about the longing of a place, but also a longing for a time past that, except through reminders, one can never return to. Indeed, this is Marcel Proust’s favorite topic: the ways in which sensory stimuli have great power to invoke overwhelmingly strong feelings and vivid memories of the past; precisely the nostalgic feelings that faux-vintage photos seek to invoke.

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Next Steps to Becoming a Counselor

If you have an idea of what your target population is, you can look for focused volunteer opportunities or employment. The experience can also prepare you to write a stellar application essay down the line.And if a lot buy instagram followers fast delivery of the options sound good? There’s no penalty for changing your mind about your future work setting. This happens to a lot of people once they get into the field and begin doing practicum work.If you are a high school student or high school graduate, your first step toward becoming a counselor will be to pursue an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.A psychology degree or human services degree make excellent options, however, it is not required that you earn your undergraduate degree in one of these fields. An undergraduate degree, however, is a necessary step toward a career in counseling since you will need this credential to apply to a master’s program later on.If your focus is on relationships and the family unit, you may want to pursue a career in marriage and family counseling. Marriage and family therapists have their own licensing process, which is slightly different than that of professional counselors. The time commitment, though, is similar.The average salary is a little higher here: $48,710 in 2011. An impressive 41% growth has been predicted for 2010 to 2020.

Supervision Requirements

All states require you to work under supervision for a period of time before you attain full licensure. States have different policies about the credentialing you'll have, if any, while you're fulfilling your practice buy 20 instagram followers requirement. Some require you to get an associate license. Others require you to register your supervision.If you practice without credentials, you could lose your license eligibility and conceivably face criminal charges.Some states allow you to have a clinical supervisor who is also an administrator at your place of work. Others feel that this is a conflict of interest. Some allow you to contract for supervision; others forbid the practice.In some states, if you begin your supervised practice before credentialing, you won't get credit for your hours. In some, you could lose your license eligibility and conceivably face criminal charges. Your best bet is to become familiar with your state board early in the process. You may also want to join a professional organization.If you attend an accredited school in the same state where you will pursue licensing, chances are the program is going to meet state minimums as well as CACREP ones. However, it can get tricky if you'll be crossing borders. In many cases, if a person has met CACREP standards, the program is given less course-by-course scrutiny than if it is accredited by another agency. It is sometimes safer to enroll in a CACREP-accredited program.

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