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Social Media Business Plan - Reaching Your Target Market

There is the ability to do Facebook pages as part of our social media business plan which we played around with through a launch of a website selling football memorabilia, instagram followers and likes buy which gives you the ability to actually put a page up, a website fundamentally or a profile page for a business on Facebook. People can comment on that. It's like a blog/Facebook page so people can feel safe inside Facebook and interact with your business and like your business and so on. So it's worth considering. I think where it works well is in the business to consumer type spaces. In the business to business work such as, for example, Telco work, using social media for business doesn't really fit because Susie the receptionist is not going to go and like a company that she bought a telephone system for her office for. So it's not really great for that but a lot of the business Beta C material, like if you're in wedding celebrant work, people would like that sort of thing and there could be fit there for sure.

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Social Media Small Business Plan

Just recently my assistant handles all of the work that we do over at Flippa which is a website marketplace where you can buy and sell websites. That's a space that we're probably looking to shift into, I suppose trying to become the Warren Buffett of the online world and buy websites and build them up and then instagram likes and followers buy sell them. We purchased this domain, we got it for $2100. It was buying businesses online, that's definitely a business model in itself. On a Facebook page, they've got a page set up and there is a little like button. You can set up one like that for your page as part of social media business plan and you can give offers and that type of thing. It all comes down to having a really clear picture of who your avatar, your ideal client is, and then making sure, are they in this space, is it even worth creating and then to determine whether or not it's something that you'll introduce.

Social media isn't the latest marketing fad

Social media isn't the latest marketing fad. It's easy to get trapped in the craze and hype surrounding the benefits of social networks for business, but realize that the online marketing landscape has drastically changed from simple email blasts, newsletters, and direct marketing. Social media is buy auto likes instagram the most effective way to reach your audience now, and the biggest of the social networks Facebook and Google Plus are revamping their platforms to cater to businesses like never before. Get in line and establish your small business presence very early to build up followers, fans, and fellow business owners in your social circle. Refuse to establish your new business presence in social media and you might eventually head the way of the dinosaurs.

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