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Never Mind Social Media, How About Social Hacking?

One of the basic tools of any good hacker has always been the ability to utilize the concept of social engineering as made famous by people like Kevin Mitnick and the Badir Brothers. The idea being -– according to Wikipedia — that “All social engineering techniques are based on specific attributes of human where to buy likes for instagram decision-making known as cognitive biases. These biases, sometimes called "bugs in the human hardware," are exploited in various combinations to create criminal attack techniques.” While this type of ploy has been used to gain access to computer systems for various reasons, it also raises an interesting idea of it being used to get people to willingly do things on the Web that they might not think of doing on their own. Some might suggest that this is just another form of the mob mentality that we see in things like flash mobs, but I wonder if this isn’t just another form of social hacking.

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If you’ve been online for a while, then it’s entirely possible that your Facebook or email account has been hacked. Typically, what happens is that you begin to receive emails from concerned friends and colleagues, alerting you to the fact that they’ve received an odd email from you or your social media account is posting odd things. Embarrassing? You bet. But this is the reality of how do i buy instagram likes the Internet Age — online fraud is part of the program. The fact is, if you are not careful, if you don’t take some simple but necessary precautions, your Facebook account can easily get hacked, your Twitter account can get usurped, even your bank account can be robbed. Unprotected social media use can not only damage your brand, but it can also rob you blind. According to the FBI, in the past few years, bad guys transferred more than $100 million out of small business bank accounts by getting online bank login information, using among other things, social media.


For example, a while back, CNN anchor Rick Sanchez’s account was hacked and fraudulently had him discussing drug use. A couple of years ago, the Barack Obama for President Twitter account was hacked, telling people they could “possibly win $500 in free gas” by taking an online survey (with link). Here’s how these schemes work: Say that someone you know how to buy instagram likes and followers or trust instructs you to follow a link. So you unknowingly click over to the corrupted site, which looks every bit as normal as a real site, and maybe you click an infected link, or maybe it’s a faux-Facebook page and you are asked to login. Whatever the case, once you do, malware is then installed onto your computer, without you ever knowing it. That malware might be, for example:

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