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Should you Add Instagram to your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Instagram is one of the top ten social media sites in the world, with approximately 300 million active users. The site, which was founded in 2010, rapidly rose in popularity, and has since collaborated with countless brands including Burberry, Lexus, Ben & Jerry’s and IBM. Instagram’s success is largely down to the fact that buy instagram video likes society has become hugely visual-orientated. The site encourages users to post photos with the option of including a caption underneath, but the emphasis of the site is on the images posted. People love to scroll through the platform, viewing the photos published of those they have opted to follow. You can either Like or Comment on a picture and some profiles are set to private whilst others are left open for the public to see. Countless businesses worldwide are using Instagram as part of their social media marketing strategy. When used optimally, the site has the potential to truly boost brand awareness and generate heightened brand loyalty.

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Is Instagram Ideal for your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Instagram is a great choice for your social media marketing strategy if you use the site correctly. Provided you take appealing photos with an appropriate corresponding message underneath, it enables you to reach a new audience quickly and easily. This in turn leads to better traffic to your website, which could ultimately lead to better conversions. With the above being said, you should only really buy arab instagram likes invest in an Instagram account if your target market is present on the platform. Research has found that the primary age of the site’s users is between 18 and 29 years old. Most of these individuals make less than $30,000 per year (max $49,999 annually), and the majority are also city dwellers. As such, it is only worth adding the platform to your social media marketing strategy if your target market fits the above persona. If not, it may be worthwhile investing the time in an alternative social media platform in order to appeal to your target market.

Why does your business need a social media marketing strategy

Let's connect. Like and even follow each other. Too much? Don't worry I am not a stalker. I am a social media for business advocate! Why? Because social media marketing is now a very important component of business marketing. Any sized business can benefit from an effective social media campaign. More than 50% of small businesses need help with social media. buy instagram likes While many businesses have a social media presence, a high proportion are not engaging on those platforms and thus not meeting their goals. The old adage of 'you build and they will come, does not apply to the online world'. However with proper planning, your business can use social media to effectively grow your market share.

Great emails are still a powerhouse way to connect with your readers, followers and customers. People still search for your business online, and if they don’t see a website, it buy 1 million instagram followers can look unprofessional. Keep all of the must-know details about your business easy to find on your website, and push great content through social media. Don’t make people hunt for you. Divahound has helped their clients create a quality social media program to help their small business grow. Contact us today to learn how we can help you make the most of the web for your small business.

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