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Are you confusing social media activity with a B2B social media strategy?

Because this area is still relatively new, there is a lot of anxiety and also misunderstanding about how social media works. Setting up an individual Facebook page and connecting with friends is something that can be quite fun and is certainly easy. But creating an effective, results oriented B2B social media strategy buy twitter followers is a very different ball game. You’d be amazed how many businesses simply set up a page or profile on each major platform (usually LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) and are then surprised when ‘nothing happens’. If you can relate to this, don’t worry, you’re in good company. It’s no reflection on your business acumen. It’s also no indicator of potential. Every business has the opportunity to make significant sales and revenue increases via social media. The only thing stopping any of them – including you – is the right knowledge. That’s where we can help.

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Small Business Social Media Review

Many small business owners have experimented with social media - they might have tried a Facebook page, connecting with prospects on LinkedIn or networking on Twitter. But, if you, like many other business owners feel like you're not really getting the results you think might be possible, this class is for you. Do you have the time and expertise to manage your social media buy arabic twitter retweets yourself? Should you hire someone to take over the whole thing for you? Is there some happy medium, where you get coaching, but implement the programs yourself? We'll show you your options. In this FREE 90 minute overview class, I'll share strengths of the major social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+. If you want to learn more about how to use these platforms to get a good R.O.I., please attend this workshop.


There is no denying that a massive shift has happened in the way we communicate online, especially with Social Media. We are now, in reality, using Visual Social Media to share our message. What began with websites, became dynamic websites or “blogs”. The humble Blog attracted interaction, comments and community-building buy instagram likes around posts or articles of 500-1000+ words in length. Then posts became shorter and we embraced Facebook, and then shorter again as 140 word “tweets” sprouted on Twitter and introduced a new way of communicating. We had moved from Blogs and Blogging to Micro-blogs. We also made the shift from Tell to Show. Facebook, Twitter and Blogs became more visual. Images were showcased everywhere. Microblogs evolved into Multi-media Microblogs with sites like YouTube and Tumblr offering the rapid, visual transfer of information in entertaining formats. These platforms allowed us to devour visual material quickly.

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