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Training Course on Digital marketing

This five (5) days training course is designed for anyone who wants to kick-start or consolidate their digital marketing/online visibility knowledge. Whether you’re an online brand ambassador, a student, a social media marketer, a blogger, a professional in the industry, or a business owner looking to compete in the digital age, this course will provide you with well-rounded, up-to-date knowledge and skills. The course covers digital strategy, how to optimise and use your digital assets to engage your customers, search engine optimization (SEO), online marketing, email marketing, how do i buy instagram likes social media marketing, online advertising, copywriting for digital content, social media and Google and social media analytics for business decisions, direct marketing and much more. The final research project will solidify your learnings, allowing you to put them into practice by formulating a real digital strategy for your brand or business. You’ll walk away confident that you can build on and apply your knowledge in the real world, with hundreds of online best practices, tools and creative marketing ideas in your toolbox to boot.

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You Even Think About Applying for a Social Media

Just a few years ago, the job title “social media manager” didn’t exist. Fast forward to today, and almost every company has someone on staff who is responsible for social media. buy followers and likes for instagram At smaller companies, the person who manages it might be the same person who handles public relations or marketing. At bigger companies, there is usually a dedicated employee who could command a salary of $50K or more. So, what exactly does a social media manager do? Most people tend to think that social media management means simply answering customer questions on Facebook and Twitter. And while that kind of engagement is a large piece of the puzzle, the job actually goes far beyond answering questions and garnering follows, likes, comments, and shares. In my experience running, I’ve come to realize that social media efforts should be managed by someone who knows how to expertly track, measure, and improve social media efforts—not by someone who merely knows how to use Facebook and Twitter. Whether you’re looking to get hired or you’re currently recruiting for the position, here are five skills every social media manager should have—plus a few tools that will make the job much easier.

How to make the most of free (or low cost) social media marketing

They seem like polar opposites in the world of business -- growing your company while keeping expenses in check. Thank goodness your business has jumped on the social media marketing express. And, it’s free! Most popular social networking platforms typically don’t charge a fee of any type, or at least have a basic free subscription level. And with an estimated 2.13 billion social network users around the globe by 2016 it’s a marketers dream come true. Or, maybe it’s a nightmare. This “gift” from hard working buy auto likes on instagram tech wizards turns out to have all sorts of costs after all. Yet, that’s fair. You really should pay for something that offers value and helps expand revenues. But, what’s the big hidden cost? Well, third-party tools like Hootsuite and SocialOomph, social media management dashboards, are very reasonably priced. The cost of a premium subscription on LinkedIn won’t break the bank either, although they keep raising their prices,

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